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Surgeons were shocked and Ieft in disbeIief ‘after they puIIed this out of girI’s stomach’!

According to reports, the girl was rushed to hospital with bruises on her scalp and face after she passed out twice at her home. When she arrived at the local hospitaI, the doctors started running tests and reportedly discovered a mass in the girl’s upper abdomen during her checkup.

The teen had been feeling abdominal pain on and off for the past five months, but it got worse in the two weeks before she went to the hospital. She also previously suffered from trichotiIIomania and trichophagia, which are both mentaI health disorders.

According to the doctors, the CT scan discovered that there was a large mass inside a distended stomach with a tear in the stomach wall.

 It was so large that it formed a cast of the entire stomach. Following her surgery, the teen was taken to the ICU and given food through a feeding tube that had been inserted into her small intesstine–this was necessary because her stomach needed time to heaI. Read full story here…