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Brothers who vioIated and lmpregnated their 12-year-oId sister aIong with their two younger brothers ‘won’t spend a day in prison because of this’!

Both defendants, 22-year-old Aron and 18-year-old Pete, who r-ped and impregnated their 12-year-old sister won’t spend a day behind bars despite being found guilty, court records say.

Prosecutors said that the brothers se-ually abused their sister along with their two younger brothers. The victim, who was not identified, was impregnated by them and gave birth to her baby. The incident came to light after the girl consulted a doctor.

The doctor then notified the police about the horrifying crime. In the investigations that followed, the girl told investigators that she was se-ually abused by all four of her brothers. The juvenile brothers were not charged considering their age. 

Meanwhile, the two elder brothers were initially charged with two counts of third-degree child m0lestation of a child under the age of 14. They were handed 10 years in the DOC on the first count and a five-year DOC sentence on the second count.

However, the sentence has been suspended considering the age of the perpetrators after a plea deal. Read the full story here▶