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Woman screamed in fear and prayed she won’t die when doctors reveaIed the reason why her Iip is swoIIen!

In an interview with local news outlets, the woman, Sherry, reportedly said that she was left hospitalized for nearly a week after a 10-hour kayaking trip led to a serious sweIIing on her lips.

The woman told local news outlets that just 1 day after the kayaking trip, she recognized a suspicious swelling on her lip. At first, doctors struggled to treat it. Now, the womansays she’s just glad she lived to warn others about what’s out there.

“I cried, it was terrible, I thought I was going to die, you know, it was a lot of pain,” said Sherry.  First, the woman went to the Emergency Center and was given antibiotics. At this point, she wasn’t too worried about the bite.

However, it got worse and so did her fear for how dangerous it could be. “I’m almost 50 and I’ve been floating in the river since I could swim, six years old,” she said. The local hospital was full at the time, so she was sent to another hospital. Read full story here…