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Man abducted, tied 11-year-old child to tree and vioIated her for hours, his sentence left everyone in disbeIief!

Prosecutors said the then-49-year-old defendant, Brett, reportedly kidnapped the 11-year-old child before repeatedly rap-ng her for five hours. Prosecutors also said that the child ra-ist showed no remorse as the 11-year-old victim testified in court.  But, unfortunately, the worst moment came during sentencing, prompting the prosecution to argue that his sentence was “plainly unjust and inadequate” for such serious crimes. When 49-year-old Brett saw an 11-year-old girl as she walked to her school, he knew that the child wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight. Armed with only a pair of scissors, he forced the girl into his car, taking her to three separate locations to ra-e her over the course of five hours.

The 49-year-old defendant then drove the child to a wooded area, stripped her na-ed, tied her to a tree, and ra-ed and tortured his victim. The court heard how he mentally broke the girl, who repeated the word unicorn, which she explained was what she pictured when she was being tortured. “During this five hour ordeal, the girl was subjected to serious violence, death threats, and multiple acts of nearly every form of forced se-ual intercourse. He moved the girl several times to avoid being caught before finally dumping her at a local train station with a plastic bag over her head. He later pleaded guilty to 9 charges, including 7 counts of aggravated se-ual assault, aggravated detain for advantage, and a single count of possessing child po-nography, which he had created during the se-ual torture. He confessed to every stomach-churning detail, showing no remorse for the unspeakable acts he inflicted upon the innocent little girl. He even blamed being high on synthetic cannabis and getting drunk the night prior to his crimes. 

“I drove her around for half an hour or 40 minutes. I took her to some bushland. I told her to get her gear off,” he said. Hill had told his terrified victim, “I have a knife, I’ll kill you,” “Be quiet or I’ll punch you really hard,” and “Shut up or I’ll suffocate you.” After turning 13, his victim bravely came forward to testify against her attacker in court. Along with articulately presenting her account of the abuse, the girl explained that she has suffered psychologically and even became suicidal. “Every night I lie awake and look around my room. I can’t sleep and my body will be shaking,” the girl told her attacker.  “I have had suicidal thoughts because I want the pain to stop and to be in control of my thoughts and my feelings. I will deal with this for the rest of my life.” “You took away my safety and my life as I knew it. But I survived and I am holding you accountable. You will have to live with what you did to me. I can never forgive you,” she concluded. 

Despite his child victim attesting to the heinous acts he committed and his obvious remorselessness, he was given what many believe is an incredibly lenient sentence. The convicted child ra-ist was sentenced to 17 years in prison, which is less than some punishments involving only charges of possession of child po-nography. The prosecution challenged the sentence, calling it “plainly unjust, being so far below the range of sentences that could justly be imposed” and “manifestly inadequate.” In a mocking rebuttal, his legal team called the sentence “manifestly excessive,” arguing that he should’ve been given less time for his crimes. Despite the prosecution’s complaint, the court ultimately dismissed the challenge, ruling that the sentence was acceptable. However, the prosecution might not need a harsher punishment, as the defendant was assaulted in prison several times just a few months after beginning his sentence.