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Dear Reader – Welcome to the Nashville News Hub. We’re very glad you are on board with us today, and we hope you will come back many times in the future. Innovation has long been a key ingredient in our success. is Nashville’s preeminent outlet for news, analysis and much more. We are committed to delivering the news in a manner that reflects Nashville, its people and their values.

Our mission is to tell our readers something they did not know about something they love: our beautiful Nashville. Whether breaking news, hometown stories or sharp political coverage, Nashville News Hub strives to deliver the highest quality content with integrity.

We believe in the people of Nashville and the vast potential of our community. And, so, we are grateful for the dedication of our readers and the trust they place in our company to provide their daily news coverage.

Integrity is the foundation upon which Nashville News Hub is built.

As Nashville’s second-largest media outlet, Nashville News Hub holds our staff and our contributors to the highest level of ethical conduct across all of our platforms. Integrity is the foundation upon which our delivery of news and information is built.

Facts are the lifeblood of our media outlet.

Nashville News Hub strives to deliver content based in fact and edifying for the consumers of our content. Nashville News Hub’s process of content creation consists of numerous layers of fact-checking and careful editing. Creating trustworthy content is essential to the duties we owe our consumers.

We want to hear from our consumers!

While Nashville News Hub endeavors toward perfection, no one is perfect. Therefore, we constantly monitor our content should the need arise for updates and corrections and make appropriate notations of such when necessary. Nashville News Hub as an organization encourages the consumers of our content to inform us if and when they see content in need of corrections or updates. Our editors may be reached at


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