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Migrant bragged about ravishing child untiI she bIed, judge gave him onIy 3 weeks of community service because of this!

After a conversation on social media with the 12-year-old victim, the suspect reportedly met with the child at his home. The 17-year-old migrant, MikaeI, reportedly promised the child that she and her friend could hang out with him in the basement.

Once the girl had finally followed him down the stairs, his true intentions were revealed. Prosecutors said that the defendant immediately assaulted the child, pushing her up against the wall and ripping off her pants.

He then proceeded to se-uaIIy assault her in such a violent manner that she began to bleed and cry out in pain.

Prosecutors also said that along with internal tearing and bleeding, the child suffered painful bruising to her body from the defendant’s use of force.

Although the girl was too ashamed and terrified to tell anyone what had happened, fortunately, her brother overheard the defendant laughing and bragging about the details of the ra-e to his friends.

Mikael was soon arrested and charged with se-uaI assauIt. However, no one expected the judge’s reaction. Read the fuII story▶