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Man caught in car with 11-year-oId girI, then poIice realized that’s not the worst part!

Family is important, we all know that. Well yes and everyone needs a family in their life, there’s no doubt about that. When families spend time together and share common experiences, it creates a strong sense of family identity.

Of course, every family is different, and there’s no guarantee that every home will be a positive influence. We should always respect our relatives, but remember – always practice boundaries.

Police officials have released a statement, in which they said the 27-year-old defendant, Guerero, was caught in his car with 11-year-old girl.

During and interview with investigators, the defendant reportedly confessed that he had kissed the minor in the parking lot as they couldn’t go to their homes because of their age difference. But, police officials discovered that’s not the worst part. Read the fuII story▶