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Migrant bragged about ravishing child until she bled, judge gave him only 3 weeks of community service because of this!

After a conversation on social media with the 12-year-old victim, the suspect reportedly met with the child at his home. The 17-year-old migrant, Mikael, reportedly promised the child that she and her friend could hang out with him in the basement. Once the girl had finally followed him down the stairs, his true intentions were revealed. Prosecutors said that the defendant immediately assaulted the child, pushing her up against the wall and ripping off her pants. He then proceeded to se-ually assault her in such a violent manner that she began to bleed and cry out in pain.

Prosecutors also said that along with internal tearing and bleeding, the child suffered painful bruising to her body from the defendant’s use of force. Although the girl was too ashamed and terrified to tell anyone what had happened, fortunately, her brother overheard the defendant laughing and bragging about the sadistic details of the ra-e to his friends. Mikael was soon arrested and charged with se-ual assault. However, no one expected the judge’s reaction.

Despite the gruesome details of the ra-e and Mikael’s lack of remorse as well as his consistent denial of any wrongdoing, the judge ruled that the ra-ist should receive just three weeks of community service because of his “young age.” Although the migrant could’ve received a penalty of a minimum of 2 to 6 years in prison, which is the requirement for child ra-e in Sweden, the judge decided that he shouldn’t even be reprimanded to juvenile care, much less prison. The court has since required that Mikael talk to a counselor about violence for 45 minutes on at least 15 occasions, per reports.

Even after his paltry sentence, Miakel has shown no remorse for his actions. In fact, he continues to deny that he ra-ed the child, who he claims he thought was 15. Instead, Miakel says that he has never had se-ual contact with his victim and accuses the child of inflicting the internal tearing and bruising upon herself in order to get him in trouble. During the police investigation, the victim explained that Mikael knew she was only 12 but didn’t care about her young age. She says that she knows he “comes from another country” but admitted that she doesn’t know which one. The girl’s friend also testified against Mikael, stating that she heard screams coming from the basement and that the victim appeared to be in a state of shock and had pain while sitting down and urinating after the assault.

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