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Ravisher threatened to harm her 8-year-old chiId unIess she submitted to more moIestation, then he feIt a sting!

Per reports, this unfortunate incident occurred when the 51-year-old Casar, a ra-ist, threatened to harm the mother’s, Roxane, child unless she submitted to more se-uaI abuse and vioIation.

He was a dirty criminal with a twisted mind, and the mother refused to become his victim again, so she allowed her anger and rage to take over, but now she’s dealing with the consequences.

The 51-year-old abuser reportedly ra-ed and humiliated the mother and then threatened to hurt her child unless she went through with the torture again.

Authorities in Australia had little sympathy for the mother. However, with time served, she will be eligible for parole in the future. Judge Bodice admitted that what Casar did to her was significant provocation and made her response somewhat reasonable. Read the fuII story▶