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Woman thought it was just a pimpIe, but when the doctor saw it he gasped and told her the shocking news!

The unfortunate woman, Sarah, told local news outlets that she noticed the pimpIe growing months before. The brave woman initially thought nothing of it.

When it first appeared, she figured it was just a pimpIe that had gotten out of control. But when it did not go away, she figured she had best get it checked out by an expert.

That’s when she decided to have her general practitioner give her a full-body check to see if anything was out of sorts.

Test results came back without any concerns. That worried the woman, who felt in her gut that there was something wrong.

She sought a second opinion and learned that she was dealing with something more serious.

“If it’s been longer than twelve months since your last full skin check, please book in to have it done.” the woman reportedly said. Read full story here…