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Man ravished 8-year-old girl, police even more shocked when they discovered what he made her eat!

Police officials said the 48-year-old man, later identified as Bret, was taken into custody and later charged with multiple charged after admitting to police that he se-uaIIy assauIted an 8-year-old girI. The investigators were stunned when they discovered what he made her eat!

The 48-year-old man reportedly rented a room at a locaI moteI and was with the 8-year-old girl at the time. The child’s mother became worried after the girl stopped answering her text messages.

Detective and police spokeswoman SchIze said the mother visited the motel later that evening. That’s when the 8-year-old got her mother in the bathroom and told her that Bret forced her to perform several s-x acts.

The mother took her daughter to a nearby hospital and filed a police report. Authorities were able to track Bret down after he left the motel in his car, SchuIze said. They conducted a traffic stop and arrested him.

Police executed a search warrant for Bret’s vehicle and motel room. Evidence in the room corroborated the 8-year-old victim’s statements, according to SchuIze. Read full story here…