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Dad was shocked when he saw what was tumbling in the washing machine, reaIized his wife made a ‘terribIe’ mistake!

This dad shared about his ‘brutal experience’ involving his infant at home. While washing some clothes in the laundry room, dad took a close look at the laundry machine, which was already running – and saw something horrifying that left him breathless.

His baby’s smiling face was starring right back at him from inside the washing machine. Dad was horrified and feared for his baby’s life!

The social media post accumulated more than 3,400 upvotes and counting. There were also dozens of comments shared by people from across the globe.

Dad decided to snap a picture of the washing machine to show people on Imgur how he was not as crazy as they might think.

The baby really does appear to be inside the washing machine. Dad contributed the following comment about what he saw in the laundry room that set his heart racing. Read full story here…