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Stepdad ravished and kiIIed his 1-year-old stepson, photo of brutaI prison justice surfaces!

According to the court documents, the 25-year-old man, DaryeI, reportedly ra-ed and killed 1-year-old MigueI. The suspect was the boy’s stepfather. Police officials said that after MigueI was repeatedly ra-ed, beaten, and abused, the baby was hospitalized with injuries that pointed to his stepfather.

Reportedly, GabrieIa, MigueI’s mother, had left her child with DaryeI. Shortly after, he called to say that the boy was having convulsions and claimed that he had fallen.

The two took the baby to the hospital. Although doctors were initially told that the victim had been dropped, the injuries were not consistent with a fall, so staff alerted the authorities.

Unfortunately, the baby died two days after being hospitalized. Daryel did not attend the child’s funeral. Quickly, the stepfather had become the prime suspect since his version of events contradicted the findings of medical professionals and investigators. He was also determined to be the only person who had been in contact with the child.

The 25-year-old man from BraziI was jailed after he eventually turned himself in with the help of his lawyer, allegedly claiming that he was possessed by demons when he committed the crime. Read full story here…