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While intoxicated, father caused a crash that left his son with a broken leg and instead of seeking medical help, he grabbed the kid, dumped him at a store and fled the scene

According to the police officials, the 29-year-old father was arrested and taken into custody on Saturday. He reportedly left his 10-year-old son behind after crashing his vehicle while driving under the influence. The father hit several cars while driving drunk. Police said that the crash broke his son’s leg. But instead of seeking medical help, he reportedly grabbed the kid, carried him to a store, dumped him there and fled the scene.

The 29-year-old man from Illinois, Christopher Hernandez, is now charged with aggravated driving under the influence, driving under the influence, endangering the life or health of a child, failure to remain at the scene of a personal injury accident, and obstructing/resisting a police officer.

Authorities said the 29-year-old man reportedly hit several cars while driving drunk, causing his 10-year-old son injuries. And, instead of seeking medical help, the suspect allegedly dropped his child off at a convenience store and fled.

According to reports, the 29-year-old man was driving a vehicle westbound on Plainfield Road at Hennepin Drive at which time he struck the rear of the vehicle ahead of his vehicle.

When Hernandez hit the rear of another vehicle, he caused a four-car crash off of Plainfield Road and Hennepin Drive. During the collision, the child sustained a broken leg, according to reports.

No other victims were injured in this incident.

The 29-year-old dad is being held on $250,000 bond. This incident remains under investigation. This is a developing story and it will be updated as new information become available.