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Man vioIated 8-year-old girl after cracking her head with shoveI and cIaimed his goal is to vioIate other chiIdren, but won’t stand triaI!

According to the court documents, the then-31-year-old defendant Cane, confessed to ra-ing a woman and biting off a chunk of her face, which landed him in an institute where he continued his behavior by launching a series of violent and se-ual attacks on staff member.

“Cane stated his goal was to be placed in a community where he could kill and ra-e the first female he came in contact with,” said Dr. Anderson. “He’s threatened to rape and kill his sisters, licking peers’ doorknobs and expressing that he wants to have se* with them.

Cane can also be destructive and be abusive towards animals.” Anderson also confirmed that Cane was stating he wanted to grab a 3- to 6-year-old and have se* with them. 

Disturbingly, he was released back into the community where he made good on his promise to do violence. Just 24 hours after he was released, the 31-year-old man attacked an 8-year-old girl in her front yard.

He confessed to hitting her in the head with a shovel and fracturing her skull before ra-ing her, per reports. The child suffered internal bruising and tearing, indicating that she had been se-ually assaulted. Read full story here…