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Convict moIested 9 boys at an event heId at his home, gets brutaI justice in prison!

Per reports, the 33-year-old man, Cesar, who was 8 years into his life sentence, a was first arrested a decade ago, a couple of days following a weekend-long lock-in event, where he worked as a volunteer.

An adult at the event was told that Cesar had mole-ted minors at an event held at his home.

One victim sustained a physical injury because of the abuse he endured. Cesar initially denied the accusations, but he was axed from his role by the church.

However, he later admitted his crimes in court, which included child mole-tation and so-omy.

Two of the nine victims were relatives. He’d been previously fired from a teaching assistant job following inappropriate conduct towards a student. Read the fuII story▶