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Man vioIated 8-year-old girl after cracking her head with shoveI and claimed his goal is to vioIate other chiIdren, but won’t stand triaI!

According to the court documents, the then-31-year-old defendant Cane, confessed to ra-ing a woman and biting off a chunk of her face, which landed him in an institute where he continued his behavior by launching a series of violent and se-ual attacks on staff member. “Cane stated his goal was to be placed in a community where he could kill and ra-e the first female he came in contact with,” said Dr. Anderson. “He’s threatened to rape and kill his sisters, licking peers’ doorknobs and expressing that he wants to have se* with them. Cane can also be destructive and be abusive towards animals.” Anderson also confirmed that Cane was stating he wanted to grab a 3- to 6-year-old and have se* with them. 

Unfortunately, despite him promising to continue his reign of terror as soon as he was freed, Judge O’ConneII decided the defendant was mentally incompetent to stand trial. Disturbingly, he was released back into the community where he made good on his promise to do violence. “Mr. Cane lacks the intellectual capacity to understand his basic Constitutional rights,” the judge concluded, adding that he was unlikely to regain competency in the foreseeable future. Just 24 hours after he was released, the 31-year-old man attacked an 8-year-old girl in her front yard. He confessed to hitting her in the head with a shovel and fracturing her skull before ra-ing her, per reports. The child suffered internal bruising and tearing, indicating that she had been se-ually assaulted. 

Although Cane has repeatedly confessed to his charges and threatened to commit further crimes, the same judge who dismissed his case the first time has once again dropped his charges in the case against his 8-year-old victim, citing his inability to stand trial for the second time. Judge O’Connell dismissed charges of first-degree ra-e, first-degree assault, and first-degree robbery. Cane was mandatorily institutionalized after his first ra-e but was released because he didn’t meet the state’s requirements for involuntary hospitalization. According to the state law, individuals can only be hospitalized against their will if they are believed to benefit from psychiatric treatment. In Cane’s case, doctors don’t believe he can be helped. “Mr. Madden is incompetent and unlikely to gain in the foreseeable future because of his intellectual deficit,” Judge O’ConneII said.

“It’s clear from reports he’s a danger to himself and others as well. Cane is expected to once again be released into the community thanks to this legal loophole. As such, state congress members created a bill to change the standard so that dangerous criminals who are considered unfit for trial can be involuntarily hospitalized. The community fears that they will soon see Cane on the streets. Some have warned that if Cane isn’t dealt with in the courtroom, mob justice will prevail. “He has a revolving door when he goes to court,” said Walker, with the CNLC. “Whatever he does next, I just feel like (the judge has) blood on her hands.” However, Judge O’Connell claims that her hands are tied and that because she believes he is incapable of standing trial, she cannot hold him accountable for his crimes. Instead, she blames the legal code that provides an escape clause for violent offenders. Judge O’Connell told the court that violent criminals like Cane “can’t be hospitalized for treatment unless they’ll benefit from it, even if they’re considered a danger to society.”