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Local Medical Professionals Make House Calls for Rapid COVID Testing


Medical House Calls announces the launch of its community-focused, in-home health care business serving Nashville, Franklin, and the greater Middle Tennessee.

Founded by seasoned medical professionals Stu Jones(PA) and Justin Boggs(RN), Medical House Calls specializes in urgent care, IV hydration therapy, and an innovative concierge service that offers families access to unlimited medical visits for an annual flat fee.

With more than 40 years of combined experience, Medical House Calls’ owners Jones and Boggs have chosen to take a personal approach exclusively with in-home visits, providing patients with the expertise of an accredited medical professional without the wait times, inconvenience or impersonal nature of an in-person visit to a doctor’s office or urgent care facility—an even greater benefit during the current COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Medical House Calls is also offering in-home rapid COVID testing (while supplies last), providing instant results in 15-20 minutes.

“The idea of the medical house call isn’t anything new. This is the way that medicine has been practiced for hundreds of years,” Boggs asserts. “When COVID hit, people started looking for ways to keep their families safe; and the safest place to be right now is your own home. We decided to get rid of the middleman and bring everything in-house. We’re really committed to hyper-transparency when it comes to treatment and cost.”

The national average cost of an urgent care visit is $348, resulting in patients with insurance having a guaranteed co-pay of $50 to 60 per visit. If an insured patient has not met their annual deductible at the time of visit, patients will be stuck with surprise medical bills months down the road resulting in total out-of-pocket costs ranging anywhere from $250 to $350. Medical House Calls eliminates any financial uncertainty up front by offering urgent care visits and treatment at a flat fee of $249, which covers all services performed at the visit whether the patient needs stitches, IV, medications or even boots or braces. Medical House Calls’ staff also carries a selection of commonly prescribed treatment options and antibiotics, making a trip to the pharmacy unnecessary. Although insurance is not currently accepted, Medical House Calls provides the necessary steps for patients to submit a claim to their insurance provider and is able to accept all types of HSAs and FSAs as a means of payment. Moreover, through their extensive network of priority relationships, they can make specialty referrals as needed.

The Medical House Calls’ process is seamless. A phone call immediately connects you to Jones or Boggs, who personally answer all client calls. After a brief consultation, they will direct the patient as to whether a house call is necessary. If in-person treatment is deemed appropriate, a medical professional from Medical House Calls promises to be at your door within 90 minutes.

“Anymore, you get so little time with your provider, but you get this monster bill. With Medical House Calls, you really get to know somebody when you are there an hour and you take your time. It goes from being very sterile to very personal. We both really do enjoy being with people. We’re honored that people would trust us to serve them in their homes,” Jones shares. “Nashville is a great place to live, and we’re super excited about the opportunities in front of us.”

Medical House Calls is currently offering $25 off IV hydration therapy through their referral program in addition to providing free flu shots to new customers, while supplies last.