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Jeff Carson To Host Country Classics Featured On Circle TV, Heartland, The Family Channel And More


Country music standout Jeff Carson will be hosting Country Classics during the weeks of September 28 and October 5, presented by Springer Mountain Farms Chicken, Cracker Barrel and filmed at The Willie Nelson Museum in Nashville. Carson shares some of his favorite videos and Country Classics can be seen on Circle TV, The Family Channel, Heartland, Country TV, and more Wednesday, September 30 on Heartland and again throughout the week. Check your local listings for details.

“You know, it was so good to get back into the role of a country music singer again,” said Carson. “While walking around inside the Willie Nelson museum, looking at all of the artist memorabilia from past and present, it made me feel both small, and proud, to have had made a living doing something I absolutely loved, playing music.”

Carson recently re-released his 2003 hit, “God Save The World.” This single is more relevant now than ever, igniting hope for the future in a world longing for change. Carson has always sought out a life of giving, whether it be through a song or serving his local community as a police officer in Franklin, Tennessee. “God Save The World” is a mere reflection of Carson’s compassionate nature towards being a vessel of solitude in times of conflict and confusion. Carson, paired with the re-release of “God Save the World” provides lasting peace of mind and desired salvation to listeners.