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Husband decided to take wife off life support, but she was able to tell him 3 unexpected words!

The brave mom, who was staring death in the face has revealed the three words that gave her already-grieving husband hope that she would live. According to her husband, doctors had turned off the life support machine of 47-year-old Lynde, after fearing she wouldn’t come out of the coma she’d been in for 12 days.

But, luckily, the mother had other ideas. Shortly after her life support was turned off, she uttered three words at her husband – words that he will never forget. After spending 12 days in a coma, doctors were afraid that the 47-year-old woman wouldn’t wake up, so they decided to turn off her life support machine.

Once the machine was switched off, she told her husband: “I’m a fighter.” Per reports, Lynde was found unconscious by her husband about two weeks ago, and was rushed to hospital. There she suffered seizures, and remained mostly unconscious. Doctors determined that she wouldn’t come out of her coma and there was nothing else they could do. While she couldn’t move or speak, she was not brain-dead.

She told CBS5: “I remember people talking to me. I remember when people came to visit, my niece reading to me. Doctors had no idea she was aware of what was happening around her. “I remember a doctor shining a light in my eyes and telling my family that there is no response. Rear Full Story Here….