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Father ravished his 3-year-old daughter, then ‘tried to work his way out’ by saying one of the most ridiculous things on record!

Prosecutors said that the father, Henry, was reportedly caught performing sex-ual acts on his 3-year-old daughter. During the trial, the father he tried to worm his way out of the crime by saying one of the most ridiculous things on record.

The defendant was taken into custody after his 3-year-old daughter gave hints to family members and to then child safety workers that she was being abused. There was an instance where the little girl made a phallic shape out of Play-Doh and said it was the father’s bu-t. Cindy, a child advocacy worker, said that the child mentioned her father putting his bu-t on her bu-t.

During an interview with investigators, Henry denied having performed any se-ual acts on his daughter. But, eventually confessed that he had done so on two occasions; one involved a se* toy and the other involved 0ral se*.

But Henry said that they were both mistakes and that both times, he gave the most unusual excuse – he thought the 30-pound child was his wife, an adult woman. The first time he “accidentally” used the se* toy on the child while the second time he claimed the child crawled into bed while his wife had gone to the bathroom… Read full story here…