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Wife in coma heard her husband as pIug is puIIed, was finaIIy able to teII him 3 staggering words!

Per reports, the woman’s son, Steven, reportedly found his mom, Linda, unconscious in their family home. The son then called 911 and his mom was rushed to the hospital. For five days, she suffered seizures and eventually fell into a coma, where she remained for 12 days, according to her husband.

Her husband, Steve, told the local news outlets that he prayed for a miracle. Unfortunately, one day, the doctors told the family that there was nothing more they could do and recommended taking the woman off life support. The tough decision was made to pull the plug, honoring what the family thought was Lynda’s wishes.

As her family came to say their goodbyes, little did her family know, the amazing woman heard every word. “I remember people talking to me,” she recalled.

“I remember when people came to visit, my niece reading to me.” She also remembered the doctors talking about her impending demise, telling the family what to expect as she inevitably passed away. Read the fuII story▶