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Parents beIieved their daughter is brain dead, years Iater she woke up and shocked everyone with her words!

Per reports, the mom and dad of Victoria said that their daughter developed flu-like symptoms and fainted several times. Shortly after, her health continued to deteriorate as her parents were forced to watch helplessly.

Severe inflammation of her brain and spinal cord destroyed her life, and within weeks, the little girl was paralyzed from the waist down.

Eventually, she lost the ability to communicate. She slipped into a coma, but her incredible story was far from over. What happened four years later shocked not only her family but physicians, too.

The brave girl was kept alive with a feeding tube. Although her parents were told that it was unlikely she would recover, she could hear her loved ones. 

When she first woke up mentally, she was unable to move her body. Read the fuII story▶