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TDOE announced the Accelerating TN 2022 Tour, a statewide tour spanning 50 school districts over the course of three weeks to highlight summer learning opportunities

Nashville, TENNESSEE – According to the Tennessee Department of Education, the department members, elected officials, and education partners will have the chance to join the various engagements to learn more about how schools are accelerating student achievement.

This year, the General Assembly passed the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement Act, which updates the way the state funds public education for the first time in over 30 years and prioritizes the needs of each individual student, officials said.

To highlight these important policies and programs to support students, Commissioner Penny Schwinn, department staff, state and local elected officials, and community partners are visiting 50 of Tennessee’s school districts this summer to connect directly with students, educators, and stakeholders.

On June 6th, the bus tour will feature a special statewide celebration on the TISA public school funding formula and the new $1 billion recurring investment in K-12 public education.  

According to the state officials, during the summer bus tour, planned highlights include visits to Summer Learning Camps and a Reading 360 Early Reading Training.

The full schedule for the Accelerating TN 2022 Tour, visiting 50 districts, can be found here.

The Commissioner and guests will also partake in district leadership roundtables discussing strategic initiatives accelerating student achievement and the TISA public school funding formula as well as events highlighting state, regional or district work.