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Property tax hike may be higher in certain areas of Nashville


While Metro homeowners and businesses know about the 34% property tax increase, there are some areas of Nashville that will see a higher tax hike.

An increase of more than 37 percent will be in effect for an area known as the General Services District or GSD. This district includes areas of Bellevue, Joelton, southeast Nashville, and satellite cities like Belle Meade, Goodletsville, and Berry Hill.

Nashville residents will receive a property tax bill in the mail in early or mid-October. However, people can calculate your taxes on-line for free, right now, on the Metro Trustee’s website. To calculate your taxes, click here.

Residents need to type in the GSD or USD (Urban Services District) and enter the appraised value of your home. That number is available on the Metro Tax Assessor’s site.

For residents to determine if they live in GSD or USD depends on Metro trash pick-up. If residents have Metro trash pick-up, they are in the Urban Services District.

The property tax increase affects you whether you own a house now, or rent. Landlords are likely to pass along the property tax increase to their tenants.

Drew Silver and his fiance Jordan aren’t homeowners yet but know that when they buy their first house their mortgage payments will be higher.

“Which will make it more difficult on us,” she said.