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Mother prepared to ḃury her dying IittIe girl, moments Iater she shocḵed doctors’!

During an interview, RacheI and her husband Levi, reportedly said that they experienced every parent’s worst nightmare.

Their bright 6-year-old Kinnady was suddenly fighting for her life. Somehow, the little girl contracted bacterial meningitis, an infection causing inflammation of the membranes (meninges) surrounding the brain and spinal cord.

RacheI and Levi sat in the hospital with their very sick little girl, most likely fearing the worst. MeanwhiIe, a call to friends and family went up on Facebook, asking everyone to pray and help out in any way they could.

In order to definitively diagnose bacterial meningitis and identify which strain of bacteria is to blame, doctors needed to collect cerebrospinaI fluid.

This meant a spinal tap for poor Kinnady. Next, they would give the girl antibiotics in an effort to beat the infection. Read the fuII story▶