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Mother prepared to bury her dying little girl, moments later she shocked doctors’!

Rachel and her husband Levi lived every parent’s worst nightmare. Their bright 6-year-old Kinnady was suddenly fighting for her life. Somehow, the little girl contracted bacterial meningitis, an infection causing inflammation of the membranes (meninges) surrounding the brain and spinal cord. Rachel and Levi sat in the hospital with their very sick little girl, most likely fearing the worst. Meanwhile, a call to friends and family went up on Facebook, asking everyone to pray and help out in any way they could.

In order to definitively diagnose bacterial meningitis and identify which strain of bacteria is to blame, doctors needed to collect cerebrospinal fluid. This meant a spinal tap for poor Kinnady. Next, they would give the girl antibiotics in an effort to beat the infection. Kinnady lay in her hospital bed surrounded by her loving mom, dad, and Nana. Rachel couldn’t resist filming little Kinnady after the painful and frightening procedure. The sweet girl can’t stop praising her family and thanking her nurses for their care. At times, exhaustion from the intense treatment gets the best of Kinnady and the tiny girls nods off. This happens as the little girl puts her hands together and starts praying. And it’s in that moment the girl goes to Heaven.

Though Kinnady is only out for a split-second from what we can see, she returns and joyously exclaims, “I’m here?!” The girl’s surprise and delight at opening her eyes to find herself in the same hospital bed surrounded by her loved ones is completely genuine. It’s almost as if she’s just returned from a long journey. In between thanking her family and telling them how much she loves them, Kinnady talks about how she’s going to get better and how she prayed about going home. “I prayed you can go home safely with me,” the tearful girl explains to her dad. Kinnady’s mom later explained that when the little girl would nod off, she must think she died and went to Heaven. And when she’d wake back up, little Kinnady would start praying again. Rachel later explained to the doctor how Kinnady is waking up saying she went to Heaven and praying. “It’s good to say prayers,” Kinnady exclaims. “I love God and I love Jesus… and live with Him!” 

A bit later, the sweet girl grabs her mom’s hand and asks her family to join her in prayer. And soon after, she excitedly proclaims, “I’m better!” What’s amazing is that little Kinnady was right — she was better! “It is only by the Grace of God and prayer miracles that she walked out of that hospital this weekend as if nothing had happened, perfectly fine, nothing wrong with her NOTHING! and is at school as we speak! If you don’t believe in miracles, prayer, or even God, hear Kinnady story!” Indeed, Kinnady’s faith and divine healing not only inspired her family, but complete strangers, too! There’s no doubt a miracle took place with this little girl. We’re so glad she’s all better and happy to see her love of Jesus encouraging others!