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Mom waIked in on her boyfriend on top of her 12-year-oId daughter, made him pay the price!

According to the police officials, the mother was reportedly on her way to bed when she says she found her boyfriend, who was without any clothes, on top of her daughter.

“I Hope they don’t file charges against her because if I were her I probably would have done the same thing!!” wrote one person on social media about the situation.

“These men are SICK!!!!” “Good!!!” added another. “As a mother and grandmother I give props to this mom for protecting her kid! She went all mama bear and did her job.

She better not get charged with any wrongdoing for stepping up to protect her child. Go mom! I hope that Bast^^^^ bIed out!”

Police have not filed any charges yet. Readers on social media are already urging authorities not to penalize the mother after what she did to her boyfriend. Read the fuII story▶