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9-year-oId girI gave birth to stepdad’s baby,  but wiII never have another chiId again after what the doctors did!

The 9-year-old girl, only identified as Dafne, reportedly gave birth to her stepfather’s baby. Unfortunately, she will never have another child after ‘the doctors who delivered her baby performed a procedure – without her family’s approval.’

The child was given the procedure following the delivery without the consent of her own mother.

Claims have been made by neighbours against the stepfather, including that he has ra-ed one of his own biological daughters and used to beat Dafne and share a bath with her, according to The Daily Mail.

DNA test results have revealed that the girl’s 44-year-old stepfather is the father of the child and not her teenage boyfriend.

Government officials in Mexico have used DNA tests to confirm the identity of the baby’s father after she originally told hospital workers that her 17-year-old boyfriend had lmpregnated her. Read the fuII story▶