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Metro Police make catalytic converter theft arrest

Nashville, TENNESSEE – According to the police officials, the 44-year-old suspect was arrested and taken into custody on Wednesday.

His name is Donny Romines and he is now charged with aggravated assault, vandalism, theft, and possession of burglary tools.

The 44-year-old man reportedly admitted his involvement in Wednesday’s attempted catalytic converter theft at Charlotte Heights Church of Christ and the May 27 actual catalytic converter theft at Madison Church of Christ.

Metro Police said that a member of Charlotte Heights stopped by the church Wednesday morning when he saw the 44-year-old suspect underneath the church van.

When confronted, Romines ran off and the witness began following him until Romines threatened him with an electric saw to back off.

The member of the church continued to follow the suspect at a distance until officers arrived and took him into custody.

During an interview with investigators, the suspect also admitted to the catalytic converter theft at the Madison Church of Christ.