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Lanco launches ‘Love Runs Deep’ initiative to help Nashville families in need


The band has launched the “Love Runs Deep” initiative in partnership with the nonprofit mobile app. Purposity. It connects nonprofits with the local school systems to provide essentials to those in need, following the tornado outbreak that decimated parts of Nashville and nearby Putnam County in March.

The band has already been able to pay it forward by providing essential needs for a mother and her daughter who lost everything in the tornado.

“We realized if neighbors were hurting before the pandemic because of that destruction, they are really hurting now with added COVID-19 circumstances. We wanted to help our neighbors in need, but we just did not know where to start,” Lanco frontman Brandon Lancaster says.

“That is where Purposity comes in and we are thrilled to partner with them to create ‘Team Lanco’ so we, along with our fans, can make a difference.”

“Love Runs Deep” is named after a line in Lanco’s current single, “What I See.”