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“I’ve got no real health issues and it nearly killed me”, Fit and healthy father, who was left fighting for his life in a coma after contracting COVID-19, said he was ‘nervous after catching the virus again’

The father of three reportedly spent around 2 weeks in intensive care, most of the time heavily sedated, and was put on a ventilator as he was unable to breathe for himself after he contracted COVID-19. He says he suffered flashbacks and had no memory of first being taken to the hospital, with his first recollection being held down as the tube was pulled from his throat. The 47-year-old man, who was left fighting for his life in a coma after catching COVID back in 2020, said he was ‘nervous after catching the Coronavirus again.’

The married father-of-three, who was otherwise fit and healthy, Phil Dolby, shared on his social media account that ‘he was nervous after catching the virus again.’ In March, 2020, Dolby reportedly remained heavily-sedated in a coma for 2 weeks, BL reports. Four days ago, Dolby told his social media followers that he has caught the virus a second time.

“After bacon+sos sandwich made by daughter & presents with @pinkfloyd playing on speaker (my family know me well!) I had a sore throat. Tested positive for #COVID & am isolating, destroying our holiday in a few days time & making me a bit nervous after last time…” Dolby posted on his Twitter account.

Many of his followers supported Dolby and said that his ‘nervousness is totally understandable.’ One user reportedly wrote: “Can’t imagine how it must’ve felt seeing the positive result after your last experience. Hoping this time it goes easier on you.”

“The nervousness is totally understandable. I know your body would be on high alert for the next few weeks, irrespective of symptoms. Hoping and praying the virus’s impact is nowhere near as bad this time and that you have a full swift recovery,” another user said.

On March 29, 2020, the married father-of-three, who was otherwise fit and healthy was rushed to the hospital with severe COVID-19 symptoms. According to BL, the father then spent nearly one month in the hospital, including two weeks on a ventilator in the intensive care unit. After being discharged, nearly a month later, the man from U.K. reportedly said: “I’m 45, I’ve got no real health issues and it nearly killed me. My family nearly lost me.”

Since then, Dolby has been tweeting regular updates about his condition, from the first stages of his fight against coronavirus, describing frightening episodes of breathlessness, to now embarking on a slow and steady recovery. Dolby also said that his updates on social media is not to preach to anyone, it’s just a reminder to all of us to please take this seriously.