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Father kiIIed his 2-year-oId daughter by throwing her off a bridge, shocked everyone with his excuse!

According to the court documents, the father reportedly dropped the 2-year-old child, Phoebe, his daughter, from a bridge and she fell 62 feet to her death. When he appeared in court, the father wore his best. He had a button-down shirt and a striped tie.

He hugged his attorneys and affirmed to the judge that he understood that his conviction came with an automatic life sentence.

The father had no supports in the courtroom when the verdict was announced. Not one family member came to say anything.

There weren’t even any people who spoke on behalf of Phoebe before the sentencing. Although his attorneys asked the judge to delay the sentencing for a week, the judge refused.

There was no dispute that he had murdered the baby. Prosecutors then proceeded to prove that her murder was premeditated. Read the fuII story here▶