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ChiId decided to use her phone during friend’s famiIy dinner, now she may be permanentIy damaged!

Cindy’s parents told local news outlets that their 14-year-old daughter was excited when she accepted an invitation to have dinner at her friend’s house. It was a chance for her to play at being an adult and have dinner somewhere besides at her parents’ table.

Unfortunately, when the girl decided to use her cellphone during her friend’s family dinner, didn’t knew that her life will change forever.

When Cindy picked up her phone for an incoming call at the family dinner at the home, her friend’s stepfather was outraged. Although Cindy was not in the middle of her meal, the food had yet to be served, the man decided he needed to punish her immediately.

The young girl discovered that some people find this disrespectful and now she may be permanently damaged. Without hesitating, the stepfather of Cindy’s friend removed an airhorn from his possession and stuck in Cindy’s face. Read the full story here▶