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Farmer and 16 of his cattIe found dead, the coroner was shocked when he determined the cause of death!

Farmers do what they do because they have a passion for farming and a love for their animals. The bond between farmer and animal is not strictly financial.

Many farmers know their cows just by sight, which is incredible. Farmers are hardworking, independent care- takers of land and animals—and jacks-of-all-trades.

And most are still at the mercy of the weather. Farmers enjoy having variety in their work, providing the world with food and fiber, and being their own bosses.

Per reports, the 29-year-old farmer, MichaeI, and 16 of his cattle have died in a freak accident after a deadly dome of air formed in a farm’s manure holding tank.

The farmer’s father, Bob, said that the tragedy was the result of a perfect storm of unusual and unexpected weather conditions. Read the fuII story▶