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Boy died and Ieft bIue stain on carpet, 12 years Iater his mom made chiIIing discovery!

Life is busy, and we understand that this is especially true for parents and families. Our tasks at hand become fuller and we have other priorities that take precedence over quality family time.

Some days we are so busy tending to our children’s needs that we hardly have time for a break. We have so much on our hands to take care of: cooking, washing dishes, laundering clothes, naughty behaviour to discipline, and so many other things.  

The boy’s mother, Heather, said that she lost her young son, Jacob, and has since been working hard to share her important message with all parents. According to the unfortunate mom, one day, she was picking up some slime off the floor that her daughter had dropped.

It’s then that everything became obvious to her. Her daughter had done her best to clean up the stain left by the slime, but Heather naturally had to get in there too and help. 

She was, as natural for any parent, annoyed by the situation. But as she began muttering under her breath, she suddenly remembered a different stain.  Read the fuII story▶