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Doctors toId parȇnts that their baby was prȇgnant with her brother before they abandoned the chiId, then the unȇxpected happened! 

When babies are born, they are dependent on those around them for everything, and this can make it seem that they really don’t know or understand very much.

While there’s lots your baby will learn, especially during the first years after birth, newborn babies have skills you might not expect. 

We are fascinated by child development, but I believe that you’ve never imagined to see this. 

The baby’s adoptive parents parents couldn’t understand why their adopted daughter’s stomach was growing larger overnight and feared it could be a tumour.

Her swollen belly made her look pregnant and drew taunts from neighbours who branded her “a monster”.

The worried parents took their 18-month-old daughter, Kang, to the hospital to be examined by professionals. Read the fuII st0ry