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Teachers saw 5-year-oId girI making weỉrd movements in kindergarten, then doctors made Iife-changing dỉscovery!

According to the girl’s mother, Anj, her then-5-year-old daughter, Madie, was just several weeks into school.

The unfortunate mom then received a call from her teachers, who reportedly noticed that the little girl was making weird movements.

During an interview with LoveWhatMatters, the mother said her head tilted back and her arms were moving back and forth.

Anj then called the doctor right away and they said she might have had a seizure and to bring her in right away.

The brave mom quickly scheduled an appointment with a neurologist where they did a test right there to see if they could get her to have a seizure.

Anj also said that the doctors did an MRI scan, which reportedly determined abnormal activity. Read the fuII st0ry