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Babysitter cried for mercy in courtroom, but didn’t know the judge knew his disturblng secret!

Prosecutors said that the defendant, DyIan, reportedly got on a phone call from prison and revealed his plan. The then-16-year-old, who apparently didn’t know that outgoing calls are recorded, told the person on the other end of the line everything he planned to do.

So, when the day of his court appearance came, the defendant reportedly followed through with his plan exactly as he said he would. But, luckily, his plan backfired completely. No one fell for his lies as he stood in court and pretended to feel bad about what he had done.

In court, DyIan pleaded his case and told the victim’s mother that he was remorseful for having killed him. The then 16-year-old defendant reportedly beat a 23-month-old baby to death. He appeared in court and prepared his eyes for tears.

He and his defense attorney fought for the minimum sentence for the teenager who killed the toddler. With tears in his eyes, DyIan said, “I can’t take back what was done. I wish I could. I’d give my life for Austin. I loved him a lot.” Read the fuII story▶