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When doctors puIIed this out of man’s body, they were shocked, but knew the cause of death immediateIy!

As we all know by now, lungs are supposed to be pink in color. The hospital officials released the following statement: “The patient didn’t undergo a C.T. scan before his death. He was declared brain dead, and his lungs were donated shortly after that. Initial oxygenation index tests were okay, but when we looked at the organs, we realized we wouldn’t be able to use them.” However, this man’s lungs were so far gone that the doctors had no hope of using them in a transplant. Because this is what can happen to the human body from ‘a very bad habit’, it is important to quit it as early as possible.

These doctors showed the lungs (SEE PHOTO) of a chain smoker who died from smoking. The surgeons believe that the 52-year-old man would have lived much, much longer if they had given up cigarettes. These lungs, which were removed from a dead chain smoker who smoked cigarettes for thirty years, reveal the horrific results that smoking tobacco can have on your body. The man, who was not identified, turned his lungs black because of the decades of tobacco smoke they inhaled into their body. Cigarette after cigarette clogged up their lungs and turned the healthy lung tissue into a cancerous mess.

The man, who these lungs used to belong to, died at the age of fifty-two of multiple lung conditions. The lungs were extracted from the smoker’s body by surgeons in China. The video of the man’s lungs has gone viral online as people are horrified that this was the result of three decades of smoking. The clip has received more than 25 million views on social media and has been called the best anti-smoking ad ever. The hospital uploaded the video of the dead man’s lungs along with the caption, “Do you still have the courage to smoke?”

While this caption seems to goad smokers to laugh in the face of death and keep the habit going strong, the doctors want people to rethink smoking as a lifestyle choice because it’s really just a death sentence. Dr. Chen, the lung transplant surgeon, led the operation. He also serves as the vice president of the hospital. Dr. Chen also said: “We accept lungs from people under sixty years of age who have only recently died, minor infections in the lungs and relatively clean X-rays are also acceptable. If the above conditions are met, we would consider transplanting the lungs.”