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What pregnant woman had in her belly had never been seen before in the history of the hospital!

The one thing we know for sure in life is that things don’t always turn out the way we think they will. Sometimes we get surprises. Courtney and her husband, Eric were in for a surprise when the doctor told them that what she had in her belly has never been seen before in the history of the hospital. The couple went for medical checkups but were told it was difficult to determine why she was losing the babies. However, to help them plan their family, they were given fertility treatments that worked and Courtney became pregnant, this time with twins two boys they named Wales and Bridge.

They could have left it at that, but they thought maybe a fourth child would be nice. Once again, she had a hard time getting pregnant and treatments were administered again. This time, Courtney was put on a lower dose to minimize the chances of getting multiple fetuses. Again, this did not work. When she became pregnant, she went to the hospital for a checkup at the hospital. She had an ultrasound and the couple waited patiently for the results. Soon she came out to the doctor with a shocked expression on her face. 

She was pregnant, but her belly contained something he hadn’t seen. There appeared to be no less than six fetuses in her belly. It was very unusual for something like that to happen without the help of IVF. It was basically a medical miracle and quite a curiosity if you’re a medical professional. No six tumbles have been born in general at the hospital since 2011, let alone such special multiples. Carrying so many babies at once poses a risk to both mother and children. It’s likely to result in a cesarean delivery or worse, even if it results in premature labor.

The couple lived in an incredibly close-knit community and as soon as word got out that they would be soon welcoming unique six tuplets, everyone got excited. At just under 30 weeks, Courtney’s body began to contract and her water broke. It was time the C-section was scheduled, and it took a team of 40 medical professionals to deliver all six babies. It was a special team for each one. Eric was by Courtney’s side, holding her hand and supporting her through the entire process. Everything was lightning fast, from the first baby to the last. It only took four minutes. To everyone’s relief, all six, three girls and three boys came out healthy, whole, and silky smooth. They would still have to spend a couple of weeks in the hospital to be monitored and allowed to develop and grow and give them the best chance at life.