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The Tennessee National Guard is conducting an international joint readiness exercise, named Thracian Sentry 2023, throughout the nation of Bulgaria

Nashville, TN – According to the state officials, from June 12-30, more than 170 military personnel from the Bulgarian Armed Forces, the Hellenic Air Force in Greece, and the Tennessee Army and Air National Guard will focus on developing and improving skills which include combat medical care, aircraft fire rescue, joint operations, logistics and sustainment, aeromedical evacuation, and weapons training.

The exercise allows Tennesseans to improve their readiness alongside their Bulgarian counterparts and to train combat-ready Soldiers and Airmen.

It will also serve to highlight their decades-long partnership and to commemorate many years of military cooperation.

One of the more complex elements of the exercise is the use of the U.S. Air Force’s new doctrine called Agile Combat Employment.

It focuses on redefining how the U.S. Air Force prepares, positions, and projects capabilities across the globe. This exercise will allow Tennessee and Bulgaria the opportunity to practice ACE.