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The Nashville Office of Emergency Management is asking for volunteers to help with COVID-19 vaccine implementation

Nashville, TN – The Nashville Office of Emergency Management and MPHD are looking for volunteers to help at vaccine sites for first responders and medical professionals. According to the report, the volunteers will assist with traffic and parking lot logistics. They will also greet people and offer help with directions. The volunteers will assist with administrative tasks, including intake paperwork. They will have to sign a HIPAA form, on-site, before starting their shift.

This is also very important for you to remember, before you sign in – no smoking is allowed on-site and volunteers are expected to present themselves in a professional manner. Personal protective equipment will be provided.

Individuals that are 65 and up, with elevated health risk or compromised immune systems, anyone who is feeling unwell (or who has been exposed to/is caring for someone who is sick or has a compromised immune system) shouldn’t volunteer.

Volunteers who attend projects should take recommended precautions, including maintaining distances between themselves and other people; practicing hand-washing and sanitation of spaces; wearing gloves, masks, and other protective gear; etc. As always, consult a medical professional should you begin to feel unwell at any point during or after a project.

And last, but not least important – the volunteers should be aware that their project may be canceled with short notice, as projects are subject to change depending on shifting guidelines and circumstances.