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Teen’s jaẉ dropped when she heard how the judge is going to punlsh her!

Per reports, the amazing judge reportedly taught this teen a lesson after she talked back to him during a bail hearing. In the video, he can bee seen speaking to the girl via satellite video, going through her various charges and asking about her valuables. 

“How much would you say your jewelry is worth?” the judge asked. The girl proceeds to laugh at the question, prompting the judge to criticize her for not taking it seriously. 

“You just made me laugh, I apologize,” the girl says, before adding that her jewelry was worth “a lot of money.”

“Ma’am, have you had any kind of drugs in the last 24 hours?” the judge asks. “Actually, no,” the girl responds.

The judge then goes through the charges and dismisses the girl, to which she smugly replies, “adios!” He orders her to come back for the way she left. Read the fuII story▶