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Steṗdad soId his 12-year-oId steṗdaughter to 72 men in exchange for pack of cigarettes and $6 so he couId make her this!

According to the court documents, the 49-year-old stepdad, Thomas, soId his 12-year-old stepdaughter to more than 70 truck drivers for a pack of cigarettes and $6.

They were allowed to do whatever they wanted with her.

Per reports, truck driver tipped off the police that Thomas had offered the services of his minor daughter to him and three other truck drivers in a parking lot on a motorway.

The police immediately caught and arrested Thomas who was sitting in his car, with his stepdaughter.

An investigation was started. Witness reports stated that a few days before the arrest was made, the girl was p-mped out to another truck driver. Read the fuII story▶