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Police decided to burn seized substances, only to reaIize they made a terribIe mistake!

Per reports, authorities reportedly made a massive drug bust when they caught a criminal operation that was in possession of more than 3 tons of highly potent marijuana. Police officials were eager to get rid of it before it made its way back into the wrong hands.

However, police decided to burn the 3.3 tons of marijuana in a bonfire outside of their police station and the result was not what they expected.

The fire consumed 1.8 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine along with 2,538 ecstasy pills.

Fortunately, the police did not put these chemicals into the local water supply but got rid of them in a better way. If the chemicals had made their way into the water, locals would have been drinking contaminated water that probably would have gotten them high on those drugs. Read the fuII story here▶