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Parents’ newborn died right after birth, then they got a phone call from the nurse that left them shocked!

Both parents, Josh and Katie, were like many other couples, and they had longed to have their own family, so when Katie announced she was pregnant, they were very happy. Unfortunately, when Katie was 20 weeks pregnant, the couple received terrible news. During an ultrasound examination, the doctors reportedly discovered that there was some thickening of the neck and that the baby had club feet. Those were all markers for genetic conditions, the doctors said. 

Unfortunately, with each ultrasound, his hands were clenched, and sometimes, it was very difficult to find his heartbeat. Their baby’s heart rate kept dropping, so doctors performed a c-section. When they pulled him out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck several times. According to the parents, the doctors also had to give him a pacemaker because he couldn’t live with his heart in the rhythm it had gone into. Unfortunately, baby Dewey didn’t make it through the operation.

The lovely couple was devastated and determined to begin grieving the loss of their newborn, as is typical. But, a miracle occurred when the couple began to heal with God’s assistance. A nurse called them and informed them that they had a newborn on the fifth floor of the hospital who was in need of a mother and father. At 27 weeks, Brax was born prematurely, and now at 11 months old, he had never left the hospital. 

“I had been praying that I wanted another baby. I had tasted for the first time what it is to be a mother,” Katie decided to adopt Brax right away. The couple were inspired by their religion and knew that God brought them to this child while they were in their saddest moment after losing Dewey. “Once we brought him home, his health started to improve,” said Katie. He still needs oxygen but his movement and feeding have improved so much. He knows us and he smiles at us and can identify us. Our family has really taken to him. We have all this love because of Dewey and want to pour this love into Brax.”