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Neighbors thought it was meth Iab, but ‘the parents were cooking something much worse in the bedroom’!

The officers responded to the mobile home after the 911 caller told the dispatcher that a meth lab was operating inside. But, when they arrived, they found something much worse and sickening cooking in the bedroom.

Both defendants, KathIeen and Lucas, had been holed up inside for days, with one room of the ramshackle house transformed into an oven, until it became too hot to ignore.

Kathleen, who was pregnant when officers responded to her home, had been up for 38 hours with her man on a meth-making and taking bender.

She mentioned that she heard a noise from the other room of the small home and thought, at one point, about checking on it, but her drugs were too important to take a few steps away from them.

When finally opened the door to the room and found her 2-year-old son, Braydon. Read the full story here▶