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Mother claims doctors repeatedly missed her daughter’s disease and said she was perfectly healthy, now the baby has just a 50% chance of survival

Mother claims doctors and medical personnel repeatedly missed her daughter’s disease despite her filming horrific seizures the infant suffered. Now, the mom says her baby daughter has just a 50% chance of survival. The mom also said that her daughter was given a different diagnosis every time they went to the hospital. The doctors told the mother that her daughter was perfectly healthy. Unfortunately, the baby was finally diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of disease.

The 26-year-old mother, Chloe Wright, said that her baby daughter Esmai has just a 50% chance of survival after she was sent home from hospital several times, the Independent reports.

The mom also said that her daughter was given a different diagnosis every time they went to the hospital.

The doctors reportedly told the mother that her daughter was perfectly healthy.

Unfortunately, the baby was finally diagnosed with a rare and aggressive anaplastic ependymoma tumour.

The momtold the Independent that her baby daughter suffered a seizure just hours after doctors dismissed her fears that she was not healthy.

The 26-year-old mother reportedly filmed Esmai going into spasm in a bid to show doctors that her daughter was seriously unwell.

In one of the videos, the mother says her daughter appeared to go into a trance with her eyes wide open.

Unfortunately, despite showing the videos to the doctors, they repeatedly told her that her baby daughter was perfectly healthy.

The 26-year-old woman said her daughter was diagnosed with a large brain tumor and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

The little girl had a tumor the size of a grapefruit which had caused her entire brain to be pushed over to the left side of her head, her mom said.

The unfortunate mother also said that the family knew something was wrong with the little girl when she reportedly began staring into space in October last year.

Chloe Wright reportedly said: We went through a cycle of Esmai having seizures which I would film and show to the healthcare team when we went to hospital. Every time we saw a doctor, we had a different diagnosis and each time, we were told that she was perfectly healthy and to wait for the referral letter.

I am obviously really angry that it took this long to diagnose my little girl. It is not common at her age to have seizures. One doctor went to speak to a practitioner without even seeing Esmai and said they didn’t think it was seizures. I was really mad. They could have gone down a different route if they had picked it up earlier. I had to fight because I knew something was not right.

I knew my baby wasn’t well and I asked the doctor if he could do something, but he said there was nothing wrong with her. I was angry nobody was listening to me. My daughter is on chemotherapy now – every two weeks for a year – we have our good and bad days, but I do think this could have been avoided. The doctors said she would need at least a year of chemotherapy treatment and that the tumour is life-threatening with a survival rate of 50 per cent.”

According to the 26-year-old mom, Esmai will continue chemotherapy until November.

The hospital released the following statement: “We understand it is an extremely distressing experience for any parent when their child is unwell and we are very sorry that Wright has had cause to complain about the service she and her child received here at UHNM.

It is our aim to deliver the highest standards of care possible and we are in contact with Wright so we can fully investigate her concerns and resolve any issues.”