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Mother beIieved they were birthmarks, but the doctors’ news brought her to teaṙs!

As aII mothers know by now, all babies are essentially helpless at first. They need to be fed frequently, diapered, held, soothed when they cry.

The babies need to be monitored pretty much all the time. Even when they are finally sound asleep, we have our baby monitors on, just in case they need us.

And, unfortunately, no parent mama would wish to hear that there is something incorrect with their baby.

But, when we hear stories where moms and dads and their kids are combating the hardest to overcome the trials that they deal with in life, it is absolutely fantastic and motivating.

According to the brave mother, Kara, her baby, Dylan, was born about 5 years back and as quickly as he was invited in this world, the physicians quickly understood that something was incorrect with him. Read the fuII story▶